PCORI P2P T-II Updates for End of Award

In April 2017, the AAKOMA team completed Tier 2 of our PCORI Pipeline to Proposal award. Over the past 12 months, the AAKOMA team, along with a team of patients, youth, caregivers, stakeholders and the larger community of faith-based partners have continued to build our network of persons invested in the mental health of African American youth and those who care for them. Our partnership with BALM, LLC and social service organizations has been fruitful in supporting our growth and meeting the aims of the award program. We have provided training to our partners on Patient Centered Outcomes Research and Comparative Effectiveness Research with a focus on CBPR principles. During the award period, we developed a our Comparative Effectiveness Research question focused on mental health correlates of trauma and to begin to create viable CER questions for review as part of a PCORI Tier III award.

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